How to Make Hamburger Goulash with Elbow Macaroni

How to Make Hamburger Goulash with Elbow Macaroni

* 1 tablespoon olive oil
* 1 lb. ground beef
* 1 clove garlic, crushed
* 1 onion, minced
* 1 box elbow macaroni
* 1 small can diced tomatoes
* 1 large can crushed tomatoes
* 1 small can water
* 1 tablespoon Italian Seasonings
* 2 teaspoons paprika

1.Pour the olive oil into a large pot on the stove and heat on medium high. Place a large pot of water on the stove to boil in order to cook the elbow macaroni.
2.Add the garlic and onion to the olive oil and saute for 3 minutes.
3.Place the ground beef into the pot and cook until is well browned. Drain the grease into an old coffee can or heat safe container.
4.Pour the elbow macaroni into the large, boiling pot of water and cook as directed on the packaging.
5.Add the can of diced tomatoes to the hamburger meat and continue to cook for 5 minutes.
6.Pour the crushed tomatoes and water into the pot with the ground beef, then add the Italian seasonings and paprika.
7.Drain the elbow macaroni, add it to the hamburger goulash and stir well. Serve warm with salad and crusty, Italian bread. The hamburger goulash with elbow macaroni is ready..enjoy it !
Mom's-hamburger-goulash-with-elbow macaroni

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